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Construction Management Services

Construction Management (CM) Services allow the client to retain control of the project while placing the day-to-day decisions and dealings with contractors in the experienced hands of Carda's Construction Management team. This service reduces the aggravation and stress of a building project for the client and puts the weight in the capable hands of our team. With Carda as your representative through the design and construction phases, your level of risk is greatly reduced as we apply our years of construction management experience to your project. As an added benefit, overlapping design and actual construction helps keep project costs to a minimum.

Design around a "partnering approach" that fosters a win-win situation for all parties involved, an integral part of our process is commitment to quality service and dependability. The Construction Management process is designed with the exact specifications of the job in mind.

The result is an incredible level of comfort as your project moves from one phase to another, represented by a knowledgeable Carda Construction management team.